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RPS was incorporated in 1989, we started in 1981 as a licensed plumbing contractor in LA. Before 1981 we worked for several different plumbing companies that either went under or bounced paychecks. At that time we figured we couldn't do any worse, and the rest is history. We grew from 2 trucks in 1981 to a fleet of 9 in 2005. Katrina knocked us down, but not out. Our fleet of service vehicles number 6 at present. Luckily, my son is in line to take the business into the future and hopefully his son will do the same. Our 7 employees have been with us for over 16 years. Each technician has over ten years experience as a licensed plumber and 3 hold Masters Licenses.

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RPS Plumbing and Heating has been in business for 30 years.

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Honest, dependable, great value for the money.
Davio - Metairie
Wish I would have called RPS first.
Susan - Metairie
Completed the job on time and within budget.
Ted - Chalmette